Benefits of online courses

Benefits of online courses offered by the The Virtual Learning Platform

  • Online courses increase the virtual mobility of professional people by enabling them to register for a variety of high quality courses presented by recognized subject experts without having to commute to physical venues. This not only makes professional development more time-economical but also results in massive savings on travel and accommodation expenses making online education an increasingly attractive option.
  • The flexibility of online courses eliminates the constraints put on learning by time and place. Once registered for these courses, enrolled participants may study 24 hours a day every day at their own time and at their own pace where ever they may have access to the Internet by means of a variety of devices such as personal computers, laptops, tablet computers and smart phones.
  • Online courses offer course participants the opportunity to communicate and digitally socialize with peers and colleagues who have also enrolled for the same courses through chat rooms and discussion forums offered by the technology the The Virtual Learning Platform.
  • In the current knowledge economy, a company often obtains a competitive advantage by intangible assets, such as the appropriateness of its employees' knowledge closely related to the matter at hand. Constant re-skilling is therefore vital in the current competitive marketplace. The information and communications technologies (ICTs) being used by the The Virtual Learning Platform provide unparalleled access to the expert knowledge of the course presenters and continue to create information-rich workplaces, which will escalate the intellectual capital available to companies.
  • The ability of The Virtual Learning Platform to disseminate information to communities of professional employees, offers a sustainable solution to the growing imbalance between the increasing demand for high quality advanced education opportunities and the current resource constraints such as the availability of high profile knowledgeable educators and suitable physical amenities within reasonable distance of the work place.


Last modified: Friday, 13 February 2015, 12:49 PM