Corporate lifelong learning should be about the construction of new knowledge that is relevant to the work milieu, replacing obsolete knowledge with the knowledge that people require to face the contemporary challenges of their careers successfully.

The Internet has made the cost of learning, geographical boundaries and learning opportunities less obstructive. By turning on a computer studying in the workplace is possible through the World Wide Web that gives everyone access to valuable information resources that otherwise would not have been available.

For this purpose The Virtual Learning Platform offers self-paced and flexible learning by means of online courses for the continuous professional development of leaders in their fields of specialization. This digital learning strategy is a web-based model of educational delivery designed to offer information by means of online courses consisting of a selection of learning activities and resources such as reading material, case studies, video clips, online discussion forums, glossaries, formative quizzes, online submission of assignments and assessments guided at all times by the course presenter who is an expert in his/her field.

Prospective participants may select courses according to their professional needs and interests from different course tracks that are presented in specific time slots throughout the year. Once online course registration has occurred and the course fees are paid, a username and password will be send by email to the participant that will allow access to the course for the full duration of the time slot in which it is presented. During this time the enrolled participants are allowed to work through the learning activities and resource material on the virtual online platform at their own pace whenever time is available and to interact with the course presenter and fellow students.

During the course the participants are guided by a structured but flexible methodology and tutor support.


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