Alongside the emergent sophistication of information and communication technologies as well as the increasing availability and affordability of broadband Internet access, The Virtual Learning Platform offers online short courses designed by widely recognised experts to:

  • Open the gateway to continuous professional development by making learning more accessible and inclusive through a wide range of affordable needs-based courses;
  • Prepare employees for the changing work place of the 21st century and beyond, where professional people will have to learn throughout their lives and continuously acquire new skills to create sustainable solutions for complex challenges in a technical-sophisticated and advanced world that might not even yet exist;
  • To be responsive to the changing learning needs of professional people in contemporary work environments who often prefer the migration from the traditional lecture hall to effective virtual learning spaces;
  • Utilise new and emerging telecommunication technologies that are not only transforming the way that high quality learning opportunities are constructed but also are changing the preferred learning strategies of digital-age adults to keep abreast with the most recent developments and key transformational changes in their careers;
  • Support companies where there is a growing consciousness of the importance to provide lifelong learning opportunities to their staff as a core human resources responsibility of any professional employer.


Last modified: Friday, 13 February 2015, 12:18 PM