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1.  What is the Virtual Learning Platform?

The Virtual Learning Platform, as a digital learning space, offers short online courses for people in professional careers.

2.  What is meant by the slogan “anytime, anywhere, any place?

Anytime” – means any time of the day during the duration of the course .
Anywhere” – means you can access the courses by tablet, smartphone, or any computer wherever internet (LAN and Cellular) services are available
Any place” - indicates that access to the courses is not restricted by geographical location. Course work can thus be done at any place including your desk at work, your study at home, at the airport lounge while your are waiting for your flight or when travelling abroad.

3.  Who are the Course Presenters?

We invite top knowledgeable people widely recognized for their expertise in specific niche areas to design and offer short courses for the purpose of professional lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

4.  What courses are available?

The courses are offered in different tracks that cover various fields of specialisation. Please visit the TVLP website (http://tvlp.co.za) for more information. It can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. 

5.  What is the nature of the courses?

The emphasis is on actively constructing new knowledge and meaning in association with other knowledgeable people (course presenter and peers). It thus entails a completely different way of teaching than traditional face-to-face training where a passive transfer of information from the presenter to the course participants takes place. The students are guided to construct meaningful solutions for complex real-life problems of which the parameters are continuously changing.

6.  What does the typical course structure entail?

A course usually consists of a series of units. Each unit covers a sub-topic of the course that will help the students achieve the predicted learning gains and may include a number of appropriate learning activities based on a variety of learning resources such as (a) static non-interactive and/or (b) dynamic interactive course material. Non-interactive material includes selected reading material (notes, publications, journal articles, case studies, news reports) placed on the web pages of the Platform, links to other web pages, multimedia resources (PowerPoint presentations, self-produced video clips and YouTube videos) and glossaries. Interactive material may be in the form of assignments requesting the participants to upload files, asking for learner opinions and assessment exercises based on quizzes, tests or puzzles. Social material include wiki’s, forums and online chat rooms.

7.  What does it cost to register for the courses?

The course fees vary between R500 and R2000 depending on the course duration and content level. (No VAT applicable).

8.  Is a discount negotiable on course fees for group registrations?

Yes. Please see Contact Us for contact details to enquire about group concessions.

9.  How do I register for the courses?

Click on the Courses and Registration Tab on the banner at the top of the web page, select Registration and click in the box next to the course that you want to enroll for.

10.  How do I pay for the courses?

After selection of the courses on the online registration form that you want to enroll for an invoice will immediately be generated on your computer screen (monitor) indicating the payable amount and account details. Please provide proof of payment as required.

11.  What happens after I have registerd for a course?

Once proof of payment is received a username and password will be sent to you by email that will give you access for the duration of the course.

12.  What is the duration of a course?

Course duration varies between 4 hours and 12 hours of notional learning time that must be completed within a time frame of two to three weeks, depending on the course period.

13.  Are the courses offered more than once?

Yes, the courses are repeated regularly in co-operation with the course leader (Please see Course Schedule). You are welcome to contact us to discuss your specific requirements should you require a course to be opened outside of the course schedule dates.

14.  How do I know what content is covered by a course and on what level the course is presented?

Click on the information button next to each course listed in the course tracks under the Courses tab to access the information. It will indicate whether the course focuses on introductory concepts (basic knowledge and skills), intermediate (knowledge or skill between basic and advanced) or more advanced content. Advanced courses assume that certain knowledge structures are already mastered and will not receive further attention during the course.

15.  Do I receive any form of acknowledgement for the successful completion of a course?

All successfully completed courses will be acknowledged with a certificate of completion (badge). 

16.  What type of feedback can be provided to my employer after employees have completed a course?

The Platform allows for various levels of feedback to keep your employer informed of the progress and successes of the employees in completing the course.

17.  What feedback can the employer expect regarding the success of employees enrolled for the courses?

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your specific requirements should you require detailed feedback on the success of your employees.

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